Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running....Not Your Cheapest Sport

I love it when I read something saying what an "inexpensive" sport running is.  "All you need is a pair of shoes" they say.


In the past week alone I've bought new shoes, a running hydration backpack, 3 pair of special running socks and a bunch of gels.  I've also registered for 3 races, although one of them only required a "donation".  And believe me when I say I've held myself back from doing more.

I've got a shelf full of running books, a stack of shoes for different types of workouts, an entire dresser full of all manner of racing shirts/pants/tights, special underwear, a Garmin (GPS), several types of hydration carriers, a plethora of first aid or preventative items, an entire shelf in the kitchen full of all kinds of running food & drink....the list goes on and on.

Inexpensive?  No.

Fun?  Yes.


  1. Ha! I definitely was a "oh, it's so cheap to run" kinda gal BEFORE I really got into running. A Garmin, foam roller, special socks, clothing, and race entries later....ehhh, not so cheap. But SO worth it! (Fortunately I have insurance that covers my physical therapy for ITBS 100%)

  2. Ya that's a riot!! Sure, you can buy cheap shoes but then you'll probably get injured and end up spending money on doctors and physical therapy. So you spend over $100 on GOOD shoes, then you have to buy clothes that wick so you don't chafe, then an iPod, then there's race fees....OOoof!

  3. You are soooooo right on with this!! Don't forget about GOOD sports bras to take care of your girls. My everyday bras? $15 from Target. My sports bras? $40 at least.